A Michigan Man Gives a Flag In Condolence For The Car Crash Killed Veteran.
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To honor the deceased army veteran who died in a car crush, a Michigan man who resides just next to the site of the fatal motorcycle accident gave an American flag to the friends, family and relatives to the defunct family.

James McCarter said to them that it is an honor and the right thing to do for a fellow Veteran by giving the flag to the deceased loved ones. Joshua VanBelzen, the victim Veteran was twenty six years of age when he faced his unfortunate death. He was leaving Cambridge Township, during a motorcycle gathering of Veterans in August 26th when he accidentally failed to make a curve on the road  and non-hesitantly the pickup truck that was behind him got struck on him in his motorcycle.  

The Jackson Citizen reported that the veteran was pronounced dead by authorities at the scene where the accident happened.

James McCarter had the crash impact of the accident when it happened because his house is around the environment near bent road, which is the scene of the accident.

He continued to say that he brought the American flag to the loved ones of the deceased immediately after him learning that the victim, VanBelzen, was a Veteran. The flag used to be hanging in the front of his house.

He insists that he did his part and is or was not seeking attention for what he did to the loved ones. He says what he did at the moment is what is expected of anyone like him.

His obituary has it that VanBelzen had just completed his tour in Afghanistan while in the American Army and his recent post was an Army Reservist and drill sergeant and worked as a Federal Corrections Officer. 

McCarter also said that the pickup truck that hit VanBelzen had elderly couple that were stunned.

Friends of the deceased, who left the same gathering of Veterans held a last- minute prayer session service to the corpse after the authorities pronounced him lifeless. It is after then that the authorities transported VanBelzen’s body from the accident scene.

McCarter confirmed it was a sad day not only for him, but for the whole veteran community, friends and family of the deceased.

The township Police Chief, Jeff Peterson, is looking forward to address many of the fatal injury and accidents at a biannual state highway summit in Lansing after reporting that the same curve road had been a site where many fatal accidents happen.

McCarter is having high hopes that the veteran’s crash will inspire change on the routine designing of the highway or maybe how speeds on the highway are being monitored and enforced, hence reducing the rate of losing lives on the road.