Accessible Veteran ID's Are Coming Soon
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Once a veteran returns from service, it is important for personal and governmental reasons alike, to be identified as such. The Department of Veterans Affairs is making good on an ‘overdue promise’ which is doubled by a federal obligation to ensure that veterans have proper identification and are able to carry it with them at all times. This ID card will help veterans become more stable in their post service life. The card remedies the solution of carrying important paperwork that is susceptible to be lost. Retailers and officials that want to reward veterans for their service will not have to go through multiple steps, but just one with this card.

Veterans who have received an honorable or general discharge (that is categorized under “honorable”) meet the requirement. You also must have met the time served minimum obligation. This includes time in uniform, which includes any reservists that may want a card for themselves. To apply, go to and and click on “Apply for Printed Veteran ID-Card” in a blue section near the bottom of the page.

Veteran Affairs has stated that a veteran may receive a card within sixty days. A veteran may check the progress of the card being made at By mid December, veterans will be able to see a digital representation at that site. There is no fee for a veteran who would like to have identification and meets all the prior requirements. Once Veterans Affairs approves an application, you can get them printed out at no cost to you. This is done at your local Office Depot. Office Depot has generously offered to cover the shipping costs as well.

Thank you for your service.

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