Educating the Public About the Military
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The U.S. Department of Defense is creating and implementing an initiative to share more about military life to non military personnel.  Amber Smith, the deputy assistant to the secretary of defense for outreach, shares her thoughts on the matter. “... America’s disconnect with its military that there are those who believe that when a person joins the military, that person cannot have a spouse or children or pets.” The initiative is aptly named “This Is Your Military.” The program is designed “to inform and educate the American public on who is serving in the military today,” Smith, at a news conference at the Pentagon earlier.

The fact there is such a serious indication of lack knowledge hints at the lack of motivation to really get to know who our military is. “We are working very closely with the services and some of the programs that they have in place that reach all the way to the installation and community level programs that have been successful,” Smith goes on to say. “It has always been in the best interests of DoD (Department of Defense) to engage with the American public,”

It is also the best interests of the American public to engage with those who are serving. Only valuable lessons can be learned. In 1995, 40 percent of young adults had a direct connection to a service member or a veteran in their families. Today, it is around 15 percent. The change is staggering as much as it is simply unsurprising. If we invest in the military, we also guide change to where it needs it most in this sector. The numbers are only going to go up if we don’t do something to change. That’s where this initiative comes in to play.

There are things you can do to carry the initiation. Write letters, send money, invest in your children’s goals, teach your children about the military and all the different parts that make what our militia what it is.

The initiative will add a different theme. The next upcoming theme is We Are Connected. You can find more information, on the initative’s website, which is The hashtag, for use all over social media is #KnowYourMil.