Healing Touch Therapy Changes Lives
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Janna Schaefer is a woman who cares for our military personnel and their families. She realizes the importance of supporting people who supported us in our time of need. Now, it’s time to turn the tables. Although she resides in Durango, Co, Schaefer has had the opportunity to help people in the United States as well as in Nepal and other developing countries around the world. Schaefer is the owner of Healing Touch which is a holistic energy-based practice. She also spends her time working with several nonprofits and support groups located in the Four Corners.

\Schaefer wanted to make a difference in families that were in the military and all the ramifications they they dealt with on a daily basis. She knew of the pain and the grueling emotional trauma that existed with serving in the military. Her father served in the military in both the Korean War and World War II. Her husband served in the Gulf War and later passed away.

With her heart for those serving and her talents as someone who works with different types of alternative energy therapies, she was a perfect match to help others work through past or current trauma. Her studies of energy therapy was at first limited to reiki but then grew to include Healing Touch, a five-level, reading and writing intensive program that spanned two years.”

Schaefer goes on to say “It (Healing Touch) helps balance your system, helps you relax and eases your pain,” she said. “It has been very helpful for people who need cancer support, and those preparing for surgery or coming out of surgery.”Schaefer describes Healing Touch as a “light touch” on the major and minor chakras, or wheels of energy throughout the body, that restores balance in the energy system.“That energy goes to where it needs to be,” she said. “Someone might come in for back pain, but also have an emotional release of something else that is going on.”

The Denver Post reports that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that on average, 20 veterans a day completed suicide in 2014.  In addition to that statistic, suicide among military veterans is especially high in the Western U.S. Montana, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico are known to carry the highest rates of veteran suicide as of 2014.

Greg Hopkins, a disabled veteran, is a true believer in Schaefer’s therapy. His 20-year-old son, Finn, is also disabled and sees Schaefer for Healing Touch therapy. Their weekly appointments have helped tremendously.  Finn is like a new person after meeting with her, Hopkins said. “He has been seeing Janna for about a year, and you see the most amazing change in him after,” Hopkins said. “He can think more clearly, stay calmer and focus on things more easily. She works wonders with him.” This is a reason why alternative therapy works seamlessly to provide health to those who need it most.

When people work with other people who are marginalized, the original helpers realize that they have so much to give to others who are in pain. And in turn, the original helpers are being helped which create a relationship that carries away from therapy into friendship.