Iraq War Veteran Who Was Once Homeless, Moves into a New Home
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Poling is an Iraq War veteran and it is only in his 44Th year that he finally had a place he can call his own home.

Medication complications got him discharged in 2014 from the Army and for the same reasons, he had to leave his trucking job. The little he had could only manage him to live out of his pickup in the Orange County, up to the end days of last year.

The Orange County is a sprawling location of the southern California that is mostly known for beaches, high and costly houses, and not to forget, Disneyland.

Before the former veteran found a temporary home in the area, he lived on the streets, homeless for an approximate of seven months. Potter’s Lane was his rescue from sleeping in the streets. This apartment complex is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States of America because it is designed from recycled shipping container material as a home for the homeless veterans.

Poling explained his life, stating that he has never in his whole life owned a home. After his high school, he tried having errands here and there, while still staying with the parents. He later joined the Army while he was 23 years of age as an active duty. While in the army, he stayed with the uncle, Sam, in the soldiers barracks. He felt really happy and nice to finally have a home in the Orange County.

Among the last fifteen veterans to relocate to the Potter’s lane with Polling, a sum of $6.7 million project was paid for with federal, local and state dollars. Money and donations from the nonprofit organizations behind the supporting homeless veteran project, not to forget the American Family Housing among other sources.

The group’s president said that it was a wish for the American Family Housing to confirm that the apartment complex was designed with the strength of the United States military.

The 350 homeless veterans around the Orange County can now comfortably say they have a home.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s Orange County office has a homelessness policy analyst, Eve Garrow, who was positive and determinedly said that the potter’s lane project was a big step forward. She continued to state that the statistic of the people living in the streets and being homeless is 54%.

The Director of the Washington DC- based National Coalition for the Homeless, Megan Hustlings, said that she was never aware that shipping containers were used to make permanent houses for people, especially the homeless. She continued to say that the country needs more project that would involve more tiny houses like the Potter’s Lane.

With his two months of stay in his new house, he was excited and feels settled. He has even made friends, especially to Dale Dollar, his next door neighbor who was also homeless for an approximate of fourteen years.

He is thankful to the company because he can now have peaceful sleep in the bed, which is the best part of his new home.