It’s a Betrayal to cut off the Veterans Benefits.
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The federal government has several important duties to its citizens and most importantly to the veterans, who have served the country diligently. Among these responsibilities of the federal government is to make sure that all the veterans who had served the military with valor in defending their country have the chance to enjoy the privileges and benefits, which are able to measure up to the level of their sacrifice ( though sometimes this can be very difficult).

But then there is a new proposed legislation known as the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017. This new law if passed will amend the Post-9/11 GI Bill.  The amendment will get rid of the 15-year time limit that was set for veterans to utilize their GI bill entitlements and benefits. The bill, which was passed by both the House and the Senate, is currently awaiting President Donald Trump’s signature to become law.

Incase President Trump decides to sign the bill into law, then the veterans who  had been discharged after the year 2013 and all the future veterans will have the permission to make use of  their GI bill benefits with no any given time limit. The law will also offer a raise in the GI bill funding. The funding will be for the reservists, guardsmen, dependents and surviving spouses and dependents. Also offer the GI bill eligibility to reservists and guardsmen that have been placed on active duty and convalescent medical leave orders, which are not able to accrue GI bill eligibility.

The other crucial provision that is under the law will streamline the programs that are under the GI bill. Programs that will reduce the costs incurred by the personnel and reinvest them into a system for use by the veterans. The law also will supply the veterans with special assistance, (for those who will be studying information technology, or any other science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines).

Any law that limits the duration the veterans are to use their benefits is very disrespectful since the veterans are the ones who are entitled to the benefits. The military men and women had risked their lives when they were in the military so that the citizens of our country can enjoy similar opportunities. President Trump in his campaigns had vowed to offer maximum support to the veterans and also protect the interests of the veterans.