Lake Erie Walleye Fishing with Eyes Ready Charters
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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing is some of the best Walleye Fishing you will ever experience. Day in and day out Eyes Ready Charters continues to bring in cooler fulls of these amazing game fish.

We are located at Fairport Harbor in the central basin of Lake Erie. The Central Basin of Lake Erie is known for it large quantity and limit catches of trophy Walleye.

A Lake Erie Walleye Fishing trip with Eyes Ready Charters is perfect for a family outing, corporate event or just a bunch of buddies getting together for a great fishing adventure. The Eyes Ready is a comfortable and safe boat with all the comforts of home. With an enclosed cabin you can always get out of the weather. Our galley has comfortable seating, a fully enclosed bathroom and plenty of room to stretch out.

Captain Joe Takacs is an experienced Charter Captain with over 20 years of fishing Lake Erie. He will work diligently to put fish in the cooler and make your day on the water a memorable one. Fishing with an experienced Captain puts you where the fish are. Eyes Ready Charters provides all the right tackle and bait to make your trip a successful one. A person can charter several times a year for a fraction of the cost of outfitting and maintaining a big-water boat.

Captain Joe takes emaculate care of the Eyes Ready and gets many complements on how clean it is and how well it is maintained. The Eyes Ready has all the latest electronics to help him find and keep on the fish along with navigational information.

The Fishing Equipment on the Eyes Ready is top of the line and is always in excellent operating condition. Captain Joe also carries with him backups on each trip just in case something happens to a rod or reel.

When it comes to fishing you can have the best equipment and fishing tackle in the world but unless you know how to use it you won't catch many fish. Captain Joe has been fishing all his life and has a 2nd nature when it comes to fishing. You will not find a harder working captain on the lake. He is also a very good teacher and enjoys showing kids and newer fishermen the ropes of fishing. To Captain Joe nothing is more fun than watching someone catch their first fish.

Walleye Fishing is very popular on Lake Erie so make sure you book your trip early. Walleye can be caught throughout the year but there are some times that seem to be a bit better than others.

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