More Veterans Should Be in Public offices
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For the past few decades, it’s not uncommon to hear about our fellow American citizens losing faith in the government. Take Congress for example: A recent survey showed that the current public confidence in Congress is just slightly above 10%. This is more than 30 points down from what the results were in 1986. Congress found by fixing and changing partnerships that formed the Congress what it known to be today has changed the public’s perception of government. They have since utilized organizations to help expand knowledge and compassion concerning veterans.

With Honor is part of an organization that has US military roots. With Honors provides guidance and strategic support to the new generations of veterans who are more than ready to run for any public office, especially in Congress. They accept Democrats, Republicans and Independents, the candidates only have to pledge that they will govern based on principles and not on politics. Veterans in the congress are known to be more disciplined and offer a special sense of duty to their responsibilities. As today only 19% are in Congress, which is the lowest in history. Aspiring for a political seat can be challenging for a veteran, mostly due to finances or location from home district. Nevertheless, the generation of veterans in the Congress has been working hard and so far have shown great promise in leading our country. Come 2018, more than 100 veterans have made their intentions public of running for U.S House seats. With Honor plans on making sure the most capable and promising veterans are able to run. They pray for a golden opportunity for these next generation of veterans to be able to serve the country again.