National Veterans Brings together Thousands of Veterans in Town.
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Just like an army of ants, Reno-Sparks Convention Center this week has been swarming with thousands of veterans. The veterans included different age groups from young boys to older men, making it an approximate sum of nine thousand members of the America Legion for the national convention in town.

Statistic has it that a rough estimate of two million members from all over the nation are members of the American Legion. Part of the responsibility of membership is to work whole heartedly all through the year to give providence of support services for the veterans, just in case the government services are dropped off.

The American Legion Member, Mr. John Rupe, addressed the congregation by recognizing their efforts and saying that the government and the veterans’ administration were to so much in appreciation for the members because they deserved even more. He noted that the work done by the members is influential and life changing at the same time. 

It is the responsibility of the American Legion Funds program to be in charge of the members getting employment, securing good homes and furnishing them, getting the families (spouses and children) get fed and insuring the college fees for the children in case of loss of a military parent.

Charles Schmidt, the National Commander of the American Legion talked about the culture of the veterans taking care of each other as buddies. He said that in the military, they take it upon themselves to look for each other and take care of each other in both peace times and war times. This sense of responsibility among the militants, watch my back and I will watch yours, promotes unity and peace. 

Lobbying on their behalf is sometimes part of their responsibility. Representatives, who are part of the group, in DC work on their behalf to make and pass policies that are helpful to veterans.

Victor Moss, who is also an American Legion member confirmed that there is strength in numbers, referring to the representatives of the two million members in The DC. He said that the chances of the congress giving ears to them is high because the number of the members is very high.

This year’s American Legion National Convention is expected to run till 24th August.