Ohio veteran can now keep ducks to relieve the PTSD, depression
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Daren Welker is an Iraq War veteran has for some years reared ducks which help him to relax and deal with his PTSD condition. The ducks are reared at his own compound at home in West Lafayette, Ohio. Over the years the young veteran has faced a lot of challenges and was even barred from rearing the ducks in his compound. Many veterans in the country are dealing with PTSD and many of the medical doctors handling these cases encourage any form of non-medical therapies that can help their patients deal with their conditions.

Welker, who stays in Ohio, Columbus had defied the local authorities and law and had kept pet ducks. His argument was that the ducks were helping him deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Welker woes seem to have ended at last. West Lafayette Village Council members had voted on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, to grant a variance which allows Welker to keep pet ducks. The ducks he says play a very important role in helping him relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. This was according to a news report that was released by the Coshocton Tribune.

The Coshocton Tribune reported that the West Lafayette Village Council earlier this week had granted Darin Welker a variance to an ordinance that prohibited farm animals in the village, which is about 80 miles (128 kilometers) the east of Columbus.

Welker, who had been convicted in 2014 of a misdemeanor for violating the ban on farm animals, still kept his ducks despite everything. A state appeal was issued and the court later upheld his conviction, however the Ohio Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal. Welker argued in court that indeed his six ducks have been therapeutic. Welker, who had served in Iraq with the Army and was medically discharged from the Ohio National Guard.  According to a statement released by his doctors, the ducks were found to have indeed helped the veteran to deal with his condition.

When asked about the recent decision made by the council, Welker declined to comment on the decision.