The Fallen American Veterans Foundation Partners With The Global UAV Technologies
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It was announced earlier this week by the Global UAV Technologies that the Fallen American Veterans Foundation, Inc. (“FAVF”), had chosen to responsible in the providence of the survey services and custom UAV solutions to be of help in the recovering and searching of the personnel belonging to the U.S. Military who are Missing in Action (MIA) in the whole world. A commitment is made by the Global UAV that it will make available its specialized UAV-MAGTM systems, equipment and other technological devices that can be of help in the search and recovering the missing aircrafts and the crews that were involved.  Funding and logistical support have been received from the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Department of Defence and private donor among others, for the Global UAV for their committed projects of the search and recovery.

Why choose the Global UAV? It has a proven record, good and quality experience in its field personnel and the survey methodologies used in harsh climatic environment like the high arctic, and in international jurisdiction with specialized UAV- based geophysical liquids. The set main participation partner from the Global UAV Group for the searching and recovering projects will be the Pioneer Aerial Surveys Ltd. The locating of a US Coast Guard J2F-4 Grumman Duck will be the first search and recovering project. The plane is at the moment covered in ice in a remote area in Greenland after it crashed on the 29th of November in 1942.

The CEO of Global UAV Technologies, Michael Burns stated that they are so happy and proud to have a partnership with the Fallen American Veterans Foundation in the searching and recovering missions. He continued to praise the organization of how it puts much effort and enough resources on the ground because of their commitment of leaving no man behind on the ground and the spirit applies to all the US military personnel that are missing in action. He guaranteed everyone that the set survey technology and remote location work capabilities are of a world class level and that they are pleased to utilize the equipment in the important mission of the recovering effort. 

The Fallen American Veterans Foundation’s Board Chairman and Expedition Lead, Lou Sapienza, stated that as the Fallen American Veterans Foundation, they are more than pleased to have the Global UAV and pioneer Aerial Surveys partner efforts to the missioned searches for recovery. He continued to state that pioneer always brings a unique technology solution that is most sufficient and good for the searches on the Greenland ice cap.