The Veteran Groups in the House Panel Do Not See Any ‘Deal Breaker’ from the ‘Choice’ Reform
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The chairman of the House Veteran’s Affair Committee is looking forward to meet and engage in conversation with past and current veterans who are enrolled in the Department of Veterans Affairs health care. They also are committing to meet with veterans who have used the facility in the previous two years or even assigned to the facility VA care physician. They hope to meet with these veterans by October 2018.

The House primary care providers will be responsible of the veteran’s basic health consultation and care needs. Additionally, they are trained to refer some of them to specialists. These specialists could be from a variety of sources. Some have working relationship with the VA and some can be found outside networks of private sector specialists and doctors. The Private Sector providers will be contracted to stand in until the VA recruits enough physicians to serve the veterans, if need be.

Earlier this week, the three largest and most recognized veteran service organizations agreed with the committee Chairman, Rep. Phil Roe when he commented that he did not find any part of his draft legislation to be in replacement of the controversial ‘choice’ program. The Choice program gives driving distance to the closest VA Centre and then gives time for the VA to wait for appointments. The committee chairman, Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., says that it’s a gift to be able to see that the VA thriving in its role of being the central coordinator of care for enrolled veteran patients sustained and restored.