Veterans Expectations for a Two Percent Raise from Their 1st December Payout
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It was announced that military veterans, as early as December 1st, could see an increase in their payout.  The increase for an average recipient could be approximated to having an extra $300 in a single year. This could be one of the biggest gains for the Veteran community in a period of at least six years. The plan will be very beneficial to the military veterans as it will boost their cost of living.

Rep. Mike R-III, who is the chairman of a sub-committee of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affair, led the effort of passing the bill. The plan had however been introduced earlier in the year, March, by Bost, the chairman of the Sub-Committee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs. Last week, Bost gave a statement following the legislation approval by the Senate, saying that he is very proud to have carried the bill that is to be on providence to cost of living adjustments to the nation’s veterans and their families or dependents. Upon approval by our president, the change can been seen on  recipients check as early as January. The senate passed the legislation last week unanimously, after the approval of an identical law bill in the House during last summer. Disabled American Veterans group is pleased about the upcoming expected change regarding veteran’s checks. It is a very important adjustment for them as some of our veterans are on fixed pay and looking forward to the increase.