Why Not Honor The Veterans and Volunteers?!
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A special dinner invitation was sent to Veterans and their loved ones in an honoring members and volunteers celebration on Patriots Day in the Wayne G. Austin American Legion Post number two of Newton.

Adjutant Paul Sanford, begun by saying that they wished and looked forward to having the longtime members and volunteers to the American Legion honored. The volunteers, who have been doing it for approximately a year or so, were to be appreciated and let know that what they do for American Legion and the veteran at large is not taken for granted.

Among them, eighteen members of the Wayne G. Austin American Legion Post No. 2 were recognized for being part of the American Legion organization for not less than fifty years. A good sign of loyalty.

Sanford addressed them by saying that they should be recognized because it is because of the loyal members that the state has the present day freedom.

Byron Brittain, who has been a member of the American Legion for seventy one years, was awarded a certificate of honor and a pin. The other honorees in the same field as Byron Brittain included the fifty nine years of membership, F.V. Daily, Larson Woelk who has been on the American Legion for fifty eight years, Ralph Weerts for his fifty two years of membership, Vernon Wonders, Dale Perkins and Wayne Porter for their fifty one, fifty and another fifty years of membership respectively.

Sanford noted that the certificates were not only to recognize them, but very special especially this year, 2017, because they have a sign of Denise Rohan, who is the first female national commander of the American Legion in a period of ninety nine years.

The attendees were happy to be in the providence of a free of charge roast beef dinner.

Sanford continued to note that the day was a better day for honoring the Veterans because it was on Patriots day.

The volunteers to the American Legion, sons of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and the American Legion riders did not just leave the event the same way. They were recognized for the various activities they do in different sections of their working places.

Sanford, giving them a speech said that the recognition was because of there are a lot of times that they forget to appreciate them and thank them.

He concluded by setting a day, 11th September of every year, regardless of the day in which it may fall in a week, to be dedicated to having such events as what they had that day.