Veterans Eligible for New Tax Process
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In the state of New Jersey, there are joint efforts being made between law officials to share knowledge about the veterans tax exemption benefits that veterans will be eligible for and relieve confusion about the upcoming change. Assemblyman Ryan Peters and fellow 8th District lawmakers Dawn Marie Addiego and Joe Howarth are working with acting Treasurer Elizabeth Muoio on this project.

From Burlington County Times’s website this information was made available: (A link will be provided at the end of this article) There are some very clear steps that need to be made for this process: First, veterans need to take is to fill out and return a veterans tax exemption submission form to the Division of Taxation, along with documentation from the military, such as a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty or DD-214. The submission form can be found on the department’s website. It and the certifying documents can be sent to the division by mail, fax or by a secure online upload feature on the website. The exemption is intended to assist New Jersey’s approximately 400,000 veterans. It was part of other tax reductions, including a small sales tax reduction, an enhanced retirement income exemption and an increased earned income tax credit. Those reductions were intended to help make the state more tax-friendly. It was noted that, to assist veterans, the 8th District office has created its own step-by-step directions, which the lawmakers intend to distribute via social media and email.

Paul Reuter found about the upcoming changes a few summers’ ago, but it was earlier this year when he realized that there were some veterans that just didn’t know the information he did. “I was at the gym on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and was talking to some other (military) retirees there. Some of them knew about it; some of them didn’t,” Reuter said Monday. “I’ve tried to pass the word around, but a lot of veterans don’t know.”

Howarth believes that their effort will benefit the over 30,000 veterans who reside in the nearby Burlington area, but that the Treasury Department could help ensure veterans statewide are aware of the benefit.

This change can only bring good and it will be great to see what is next. You can find more information about what you learned in this article here: