About Us

Since 1989 Veteran’s View has been informing, educating and entertaining veterans and veteran organizations. We connect veterans to businesses and services recommended from other military and veterans groups.

Our mission is to promote articles, news and information pertaining to veteran issues and topics. We’re a one-stop source to quickly obtain the latest news and happenings from a variety of veteran groups, such as the Veteran’s Administration (VA), American legion (Legion), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and an array of other highly respected military and veteran groups.

We believe veterans should be THE most remembered and respected population of our time. It’s through their sacrifices, strength and unity that we enjoy our freedom and opportunity as Americans.

Veteran’s View also connects veterans to businesses and services that emphasize their support of Veterans. It’s through our referral advertising program that we’re able to be a voice for veteran causes and groups.


Veteran’s View Editorial Team

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