A Streator group organizes the recognition of a Korean War veteran
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The President of Streator Stars and Stripes, Carrie Hrasch, said that she occasionally came around people who were wearing the Korean War Veteran hats around Streator. Each time this happened, she was always made it her personal initiative to thank them and other veterans for their service.

However, there is always a  formal opportunity to give gratitude to the veterans, this happens when veterans from the Korean War come together  during a veteran recognition event at 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Streator Moose Lodge, 2017 Skelgas Road, hosted by Hrasch's nonprofit group. Many members of the public can use this wonderful opportunity to thank the veterans.

Hrasch described the Korean War as the ‘Forgotten War,’ and that all veterans from this war should not think they have been forgotten and that’s why the event has been planned.

This memorable event will be graced by the presence of Sgt. Steve Gifford of the Illinois National Guard, who will be the guest speaker.  Vehicles from the Company B 766th brigade engineer battalion from Marseilles will be displayed.

According to Hrasch about 25 Korean War veterans so far have signed up for the event, she is very optimistic that more veterans will register prior to the event,. The event will involve a dinner for the veterans and their families.

Families of the veterans who had passed away have also been encouraged to register their loved ones, this is so that their names can be included in the print materials of the organization. Hrasch’s late grandfather, James Losh, had also served in the war and will be among the many veterans who are to be included on the event’s printout.

The veterans who will be present at the event will be given gifts of appreciation similar to the challenge coins and ribbons given to World War II veterans when their recognition event was held last year.

Hrasch commented that, this year’s event will be very similar to the World War II recognition event that took place this year, the only difference is that this event will take place indoors so that to ensure the environment is very comfortable for those who will be attending the event.

The World War II event turned out to be a mega success that the group felt very encouraged to hold a series of similar events and have already started making plans for the Vietnam War veteran’s recognition event that will happen in 2018.

She appreciated the ever growing support that the group has been receiving from the community members as more members of the public attend the meetings and offer more monetary support and other donations like supplies that are sent to the military personnel who are still in active duty.  The month of October will have several events and also there will be additional supplies to the veterans who had recently received from the Bill Walsh donation drive intended to be sent to the soldiers in active duty for Christmas.