Veterans Museum Dedicated to its History in Western Tennessee
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A Veterans Museum Dedicated to its History in Western Tennessee  

The Veterans’ Museum (Halls, Tenn.) is located on the ramp of a WWII B-17 Training Base in West Tennessee, 65 miles north of Memphis.

The Museum is dedicated to sharing the history of the base and its 770 crews. It also includes the effect this facility had on the area. In operation from 1942 through 1945, it churned out crews that were moved to the European Theatre with expediency. A recent outside exhibit has monuments memorializing the 115 crewmen who were killed in air crashes during training.

The Museum has 12,080 sq. ft. for exhibits that, in addition to the B-17 Base, includes WWI through present day.

Military vehicles inside and aircraft outside make this museum a popular place to visit. An A-7 Corsair II and a CH-46E Sea Knight Helicopter are the aircraft on display.

The main feature it offers is private, personal tours by people who have travelled the journey of this museum development. The Museum Director is an 83-year-old, who remembers the war and how her family was influenced by the facility. On the weekend, one may have an 84-year-old docent, who remembers Halls during WWII, or a Vietnam Veteran who served on the Oriskany. A recent docent addition is the granddaughter of a WWII B-17 pilot who trained here. During the week, one will be guided by the granddaughter of a man who was on the Crash Crew on the Base.

Mainly, we want to hear about you and your military experiences. When we do, those experiences become a part of what we share with future visitors. So, for a stroll down memory lane where you become a living addition, you should visit The Veterans’ Museum (