A WWII veteran on bended knee, saying NFL players have the right to protest.
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Last Sunday morning, a photo was sent to Brennan Gilmore. The photo was of his 97 year old grandfather, John Middlemas kneeling in his garden while looking straight at the camera while wearing his cap "World War II Veteran". It was a great picture, but nobody anticipated that it would turn into an internet sensation.

This comes after President Trump said that all NFL players who had demonstrated when the national anthem was being sung ought to be fired. The president said the players were disrespectful to the American flag. The crowd might have cheered that the President after he made the comment, but then after that there was a series criticism levelled against his statement.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell described Trump’s comments as "divisive." The list of critics was long including players, team owners and veterans. Despite the many criticisms he is facing, the President has refused to back down and still insists on saying the NFL players should be fired.

Colin Kaepernick who is the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, started kneeling each time the national anthem was being sung as a way to make people be aware of the police violence experienced by the African Americans. Kaepernick is no longer in the NFL, many have debated on his method of silent protest, with the President commenting on it 4 days consecutively.

Gilmore, resides in Charlottesville, according to him the comments made by the President were just a well-orchestrated attempt at using the veterans and patriotism to publicly say that people do not have any right to protest.

Gilmore’s grandfather had only one message to the people of America: "Those kids have every right to protest." When Gilmore tweeted his grandfather’s picture with the message, the picture gathered more than 400000 likes and was  shared by people on twitter more than 165,000 times, T.I was among the people who posted the on his Facebook commenting that, "It ain't about color, it's about equality & oppression!!!"

Last Sunday and Monday, a majority of the NFL players protested against the president’s remarks by kneeling and standing in locked arms as the team owners gave out statements in support of the players' freedom and right to free speech.

Trump on the other hand has remained firm and even brushed aside the allegations that his comments might be racially motivated.