Amazon hires More than 17,500 Veterans and Military Spouses and over 10,000 more to be hired by 2021
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Amazon recently pledged to hire 25,000 people before or within 2021 by Amazon. Within the first 18 months of the pledge, the company is making great progress. From virtual customer service to communication and computing roles, military employees are filling the roles across the company. With an aim of hosting veteran workforce having professional conversations with business and policy leaders in the South and Chicago, the Amazon is teaming up with the George W. Bush institute for the success.

Earlier this week, Amazon shared that the company has employed across the United States of America. At least 17,500 veterans and military spouses, with numbers almost doubling by 2021. The roles are both part time and full time positions, in various parts of the company. Amazon also treats their employers well with comprehensive benefits. Amazon’s Senior Vice President of HR., Beth Galetti remarked that the company is more than pleased and proud to have the remarkable military talent of 17,500 and more leaders employed in their company.

In their efforts to advocate for hiring more veterans, Amazon has implemented an effective training program that lasts 16 weeks and is meant to equip the veterans with the necessary skills to work effectively at Amazon. Amazon has also partnered with some veteran NGOs that help in training the veterans with the technical skills. Some of these organizations are Camo2Commerce from the state of Washington State and the Maryland’s Corp.

We can’t wait to see what Amazon does in the next five years.