An Overdue Memorial in the Legacy Run Day 3 Becomes Reality.
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Bob Sussan, the Chief Road Captain of the Legacy Run, unexpectedly stopped by Green River, Utah, when the planning for the first ride for the year’s Legacy Run was underway. He was shocked to hear from the people that such memorial did not in exist in the area. This was after he had suggested to the local officials that he be allowed to lay a wreath at the town’s veteran memorial in the Legacy Run Stop.

Well, one was created and the memorial is in existence at the moment.

The memorial was built under the effort of Sussan collaborating with The American Legion Riders and the Green River officials. Much appreciation to them for the good work. The Riders as a result participated in the dedication ceremony of the memorial, when the Legacy Run chose to make a stop on the Green River last Monday.

Sussan while talking to the officials, was informed that the town has been struggling and had done everything they could, in order to get a veterans memorial. The town has an approximate of three dozen veterans out of the almost one thousand residents. He then offered the town residents a deal in which he would team up with the locals and finance the town getting a veteran’s memorial.

Sussan spoke enthusiastically of how the construction of the memorial was a success, giving details of how things went down. He said that he had plenty of discussions with the town mayor who was also involved in the project and helped him a lot with his campaigns since he was a local community leader. The Legion Riders also took part in the campaigns and the construction. They did forty percentage of the memorial by getting some stuff donations. And that was how the whole thing started.

The memorial dedication ceremony included members of the community. Pat Brady, the Green River City Mayor, addressed the crowd and started by thanking Sussan for showing them the path to the light. He assured Sussan that the whole town is currently doing everything possible in making sure that the path becomes worthwhile taking a walk on. He also gave a vote of appreciation to the Riders for the whole set up of their great flag. The involved community members were also not forgotten. He concluded by saying that they should not forget the lost members of the community, rather they should be kept close to their minds and hearts.

A Legion Rider and Legionnaire from Post 284 in Colonial Height, George Ahrend was excited and could not help it, but express his joy in words by saying that it was very nice for him to see a town like Green River still appreciating its military roots.  The Green River town was once the home for the Green River Launch Complex military installation. This is why this was a very important and remark full ceremony.  

It is ironical that the dedication of the memorial was done at the same time as the burial of the Legacy Run Chief Guard, Verlin Abbott, in Indiana long time. Abbott and Sussan had co-planned this year’s ride when Abbott was in Green River during the commencing of the memorial first talks.

It is the first Legacy Run for Ahrend. He had hindrances from his first work and also he is the one looking after his beloved mother. Those priorities kept him away from attending and riding, but he was given that chance this year. 

This was a first in his four years for Daniel, who has been taking part in the riding in the four Legacy Runs. He was racing against some more two hundred and forty other riders.

A visit to the Richfield City Ceremony was a way to close the day for the Riders. There, they were part of the wreath-laying ceremony in the Veteran Memorial of the city. Alex Aerts, the Department Commander of Utah was part of the attendance list with the members of the community.