Donald Trump Reassures Afghanistan Vets To Reverse Exit Calls
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Thousands of the US veterans who have been involved in fights in the America’s longest war said that it is very reassuring for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to reverse the calls he made in the past for a speedy exit from the Afghanistan nation and the pulling out of troops won’t happen under a strict deadline.

 The troops will feel bad to see what they have worked for and sacrificed big deal go in vain. Some of them though worry that the strategy made by the administration is not enough for them to emerge victorious.

In a national address Monday, the president recommitted the country to a sixteen year old war. He also announced a strategy that entailed the country sending a number of three thousand nine hundred additional US forces to join the rest of the eight thousand four hundred troops that are already at the moment in Afghanistan. The first set deployment is expected to take place in a matter of a few days. It is a plan to shift away from having what is referred to as “time-based” strategy approach and focusing instead on aid to the cooperation and to result from the beleaguered Pakistan, Afghanistan and other governments.

Peter James Kiernan, the marine veteran could not be hesitant, but praised the president for being intelligent and not allowing the pinning of withdrawal to that enemy fighters’ timeline to wait upon.

He also expressed his concerns about the war. He said that for the moment, he thinks the US partners in the Afghanistan should take it from the strategy that they are still together and committed to their aid, which makes them the biggest beneficiaries. He said that was a reaffirmation to the partners.

He also said that he is not sure of the guarantee the duration it may last now that a lot of things may tend to change quickly in the presidential office. Mr. Peter James Kiernan had spent nine months in the Afghanistan and just graduated recently from the Columbia University. 

A former Marine Captain, a bronze star recipient and left paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet in Afghanistan, Derek Herrera agreed to the presidents act towards the new strategy of not having a deadline in withdrawal but he also expressed his urge to know how success would be like and how could it be achieved.

In an email, he said that on a personal level, he thinks that they all need to start again the difficult conversation and plan on what to expect from the future holdings. He continued to say that although it is aimed to have everyone removed from Afghanistan, the plan and strategies should be well outlined.

The retired Army Col. Raymond Denisewish was also happy about the news that the president, Donald Trump is also relying on the strategies to be carried out by the commanders.

A former military reservist in Afghanistan, Thomas Porter was also encouraged and happy by the presidents doing.