Legion offers 'untainted' expertise to White House
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In response to an Internet report that friends of President Trump were shaping VA policies during meetings at Mar-a-Lago, National Commander Denise Rohan offered the expertise of The American Legion as a resource for information. The media website ProPublica reported that an entertainment executive, lawyer and doctor “spoke with VA officials daily” and reviewed “all manner of policy and personnel decisions” regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs. None of the three individuals cited had ever served in the U.S. military.

“We are not about to tell President Trump who he can or cannot take advice from, but we hope that he carefully considers the qualifications and motivations of those offering that advice when it comes to the treatment and wellbeing of America’s veterans,” said Rohan. “As the nation’s largest veterans organization and architects of the nationwide System Worth Saving program, The American Legion is uniquely qualified to offer productive solutions to issues facing those who served our country. We have been America’s strongest voice for veterans for nearly 100 years and we offer him firsthand expertise, free and untainted by partisan interests.”