President Trump carries the unity flag sky high during the Legion Veterans Conference
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A day after a giving out a speech that tore into the country’s press and some members of his own political party, President Donald Trump has gone ahead to ask for unity, when he was speaking to Veterans in Nevada during the American Legion Conference.

Trump told the American Legion conference on Wednesday that in order to overcome the many challenges faced by the country, it’s important that veterans are held up as an example of strength and courage. The president spoke in measured tones and adhering to his prepared remarks. He also said all Americans must learn the same work ethic, patriotism and devotion as veterans.

The zigzag message clearly reflected the president's real-time internal debate between calls for him to embrace moderation and his inclination to let loose.

President Trump had opened his Tuesday rally in Phoenix in a similar way only to quickly erupt in anger, blaming the media for the widespread condemnation of his response to violence at a Charlottesville, Virginia, a protest organized by white supremacists.

But on Wednesday it was clear that the President was still thinking about the rally, as evidenced by his Twitter account. Luckily by the time he got to the American Legion conference, he looked more congenial. He even thanked Senator Dean Heller, who is a Nevada Republican and whom he has openly and repeatedly feuded.  He also discussed his early efforts to restructure and improve the Veterans Administration.

Later in his speech, Trump said that Americans are not defined by the color of their skin, nor the size of their salary or even their political party.

When the Medal of Honor recipient Donald Ballard, joined the president on stage, he offered praise to Trump, and said that the president will "drain the swamp" of Washington. Trump just smiled at the remarks and tipped his hand that he was indeed being restrained.