The American Legion and DAV teaming up to assist local Veterans
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The Local American legion post that is in Cameron MO has been assisting the local veterans in applying for their benefits and making a follow up that the veterans indeed receive their benefits. There being so many challenges that the veterans face when applying for their benefits not to mention filling out the benefits application forms. One of the big challenge is getting someone who can assist them instead of going through the many websites online or responding to the computer answering system on the telephone. The main goal is to create a pool of people who will provide these veterans with the information they need instead of them travelling long distances to seek help. Apart from that they help the veterans in dealing with crisis when they occur because it’s true the benefits might be available but then they can only be accessed after several weeks, months, or longer. When someone is in crisis, they need help now, not next week or month.

So far several groups have come up that are willing to help the veterans in dealing with everything from “returning to civilian life” to “assisted living facilities” to prevention of Veteran Suicides. Though veterans should be cautious as there are some people who will take advantage of their lack of knowledge and end up scamming and take advantage of them, this also applies to the groups that are helping the veterans. The American Legion is planning on consolidating some of those efforts and provide a ready resource to help those who have trouble getting their benefits. Veterans who have had their benefits denied hare also being given advice on how they can appeal.

To help with the whole process, the Legion has collaborated with the Disabled American Veterans of Missouri to schedule the Mobile Service Office van that will visit Cameron on Thursday Sept 14th from 10 AM until 5 PM. The van will be parked at the Cameron Market parking lot and help will be available for veterans and their dependents to come in and find answers to the benefits available.

Many changes have been in placed in the Veterans Administration over the past couple of years. The Mobile Service Office will be able to provide the latest information about those changes to the local veterans.