The Streator ceremony remembers a Korean War veterans
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The Korean War has always been referred to as the "Forgotten War." because it took place between two higher profiles. However during a Streator ceremony, 40 veterans who are area veterans were informed that they were still being remembered and appreciated for their efforts during a ceremony that took place on Saturday. The Korean War took place in the early years of 1950, just a few years before the World War II took place and also almost 10 years before any important operations began taking place in Vietnam.

During a lunch that was organized for the 40 local Korean War veterans that took place at the Streator Moose Lodge, the veterans were well remembered and appreciated. The Streator Stars and Stripes Club were the hosts of the lunch. The club did note that there are many Korean War veterans in the community but only the 40 who were present during the lunch were the ones who had signed up for the event.

Sgt. Steve Gifford, who is the Illinois National Guard said that the Korean War was just as similar as the War on Terror in many ways. Since the two wars both worked hard in defending democracy and allies were involved. Gifford said that the two wars took place after the military had enjoyed the privilege of big successes. Gifford has been working in the Guard's public affairs office.

The Korean War happened in the arising of the Allies' victory in the Second World War, on the other hand the War on Terror came after the end of the Cold War and Desert Storm.

Another important speaker during the lunch was Rep. Jerry Long, R-Streator. He noted that many of his family members had been in the war, even his stepfather, Harry H. Long had been in the war, Long’s stepfather had served in World War II, the Korean War and also in the Vietnam era. Long gave a little history of the war and how the war would have been avoided if the United States had not allowed the Soviet Union to have control over the northern part of the Korean peninsula. Long serves in the military Air Force and was very emotional when he started talking of his step father’s reflections on serving.

Just last year the World War II veterans were honored by the club. In October 2018, they will be honoring the Vietnam veterans.