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From Moleto Smith, Executive DirectorSt. Thomas East End Medical Center Corporation I express great appreciation to our community partners for the extensive support given to the St. Thomas East End Medical Center Corporation. It is extremely wonderful to know that through the support of our many community and government partners, as well as the high quality work and professionalism of the members of the STEEMCC staff, we are able to achieve several significant milestones, including the following: • Implementation of a new state of the art electronic dental records (EDR) system • Outreach, wellness screening, and health education collaboration project aimed at St. Thomas farmers, with the University of the Virgin Islands Cooperative Extension Program • On-going construction/renovation of new STEEMCC oral health suite • Implementation of behavioral health services through the services of an onsite psychiatrist • Kick-off of planning activities related to the impacts of climate change on human health As Fall 2016 begins, I am extremely proud of the high quality comprehensive primary health care services that we continue to provide in support of the good health and wellness of our patients and the community at-large. Strategic multi-media community outreach activities, working collaboratively with numerous communitybased organizations, empowering patients to play an active role in their health care and emphasizing comprehensive patient-centered approaches to care delivery are tangible examples of STEEMCC’s commitment to making each patient’s health our first priority. Special thanks to our local and federal partners who continues to support the important work that we do here at STEEMCC. And, a special personal thank you to each staff person, provider, patient, community partner and stakeholder for your passion, diligence and quality work, as we continue as the health care center of first choice for the comprehensive preventative primary health care and wellness needs of our community. For more information about STEEMCC click our website here.
We salute and thank Dimit Truck and Trailor Repair in Piketon, Ohio! They recently joined our annual sponsorship program with Veteran's View. If you're going to get your tuck or trailer repaired in and around central Ohio, please consider choosing Dimit Truck and Trailor repair in Piketon.   Veteran's View is proud to recommend Dimit Truck and Trailer repair to our veterans and their families, as well those individuals wanting to support businesses that support veterans. Veteran's View caters to informational needs of all veteran groups, such as the VFW, American Legion, Wounded Warriors and other active and retired military groups. It's through the advertising support of Dimit Truck and Trailor Repair that we're able to be an independent voice that is dedicated to informing, educating and promoting news to veterans. Below are some of the services offered by Dimit Truck and Trailor: Some of our Trailer Repair Services Include:  
Best of the Best in the USVI    Lynda Brooks consdiders herself to be compassionate, empathetic and a good listner. It may be because of those traits that she has quickly learned the skills needed to successfully manage the newest funeral home on St. Croix, Divine Funeral Services.     She runs the place on a day to day basis," said owner Eldon Rey. "She's very knowledgeable and caught on fast with the whole staff."     As General Manager of Divine Funderal Sevices, Brooks oversees an operation that takes care of every detail in the passing of a loved one.     This is what I was made for," Brooks said.    Brooks explained how she and her team remove the burden from grieving family members during a difficult time.    "The difference between us and other places is that we offer everything," she said. "We do every single thing." Even if a loved one dies in the states or another island, we take care of the paperwork."    Rey echoed Brooks statement.    "The team that I have here with the families, gives them exactly what they are looking for,\" Rey said. "I think I was blessed to have these skilled ladies, and also the gentlemen, around me during these difficult times. The way they carry the load and step up to whatever task is at hand, they have it mastered."    Divine Funeral Services can customize funerals to match the personality of any client and offers unique solutions.    For those people who would like to remove any burden from loved noes, Divine Funeral Services also offers preplanning funerals.    To furthern enhance their services, Brooks has been an integral part of planning for a new creamatory at the funeral home.     We will be the first funeral home in the territory to construct a creamory," she said, adding that the company has received permits for the construction from DPNR and plans to have the creamatory up by March.    "We are the newest and most modern funderal hom in the terriitory," she said. "Another key point is our price; our lowest package is $3895. That includes everything.    We've become popular not just because of the packages we create but also because our family environment. When someone comes here, you become part of our family."   Divine Funeral Services is located at 129 Peter's Rest and can be reached at or 773-0003.    
SALT LAKE CITY, - ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, today announced findings from a skin study conducted by leading dermatological research institute Dermatest. The study showed that RENU 28® skin gel effectively improves the appearance of cellulite as a result of the reduction of the size of adipose lobules. Additionally, the study showed significant improvement in skin elasticity. In the study, 30 females aged 18 or older who had cellulite used RENU 28 twice a day for a 12 week period. In the cellulite test area, the use of ultrasound measurement showed improvement in the thickness and density of the skin. The measurements were performed in the same position and at the same sites before and after the 12 week in-use-period. The participants experienced a reduction of 15.81 percent in the appearance of cellulite, with the reduction in size of adipose lobules after the application period of 12 weeks. "While other treatments for cellulite employ inflammation and the use of fillers for a temporary effect, RENU 28 works with the body's natural cellular communication to actually reduce the adipose lobules," said Charles F. Funke, ASEA Chief Executive Officer. In the second test area, RENU 28 showed an increase in both the elasticity and hydration of the skin, both of which result in improved function and appearance of the skin. After the 12 weeks, researchers used a Cutometer sensor to measure the results and saw that the participants had an increase of 20.91 percent in skin elasticity. This is important given that with age, our skin loses its elasticity, or ability to bounce back to shape upon stretch, which results in the appearance of wrinkles. "RENU 28 is active in redox signaling molecules that can be applied directly onto the skin to improve and revitalize it at the cellular level from the outside in," said Dr. Karen Stolman, M.D. a board certified dermatologist. "These studies further validate the essential benefits of cellular health."   The study was conducted by researchers from the Dermatest GmbH Institute for Reliable Results.   For more information and to obtain ASEA. click here