Historic Smithfield a Must Visit in Blacksburg, VA
A Historic Crossroads in American History
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History awaits you in Blacksburg, VA at Historic Smithfield. This historic plantation, was originally part of the Preston family and today, it stands as a preserved historic site and museum, showcasing colonial-era architecture and offering insights into the lifestyle of early settlers. 

Historic Smithfield seeks to inspire a new generation of Americans through the stories and values of the Preston Family and all those who lived at Smithfield. These values are liberty, courage, leadership, education, and justice.

Smithfield began operating independently of the APVA (now Virginia Antiquities) in 2018 when the Smithfield-Preston Foundation took full ownership of the property. It partners with Virginia Tech, which holds an historic preservation easement on the manor house, out buildings, and historic landscape.

With the help of the Preservation Virginia and the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution, the property was restored and opened to the public in 1964. The rooms of the house are furnished with eighteenth and nineteenth century decorative arts furniture, portraits and other items, while the basement level Museum contains a variety of artifacts found on-site, including Native Anerican relics. The landscape includes an eighteenth-century kitchen garden tended by volunteers. 

Historic Smithfield uses the complx histories of the regions indigenous peoples, the Preston Family and the enslaved community to inform our present and future! They are open for tours April through the first week in December!

Come visit soon and experience this Anerican rich and complex history in Blacksburg, VA !