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The American GI Museum
A Tribute to the Men and Women Who Have Served in the United States Armed Forces
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The American GI Museum is located in College Station, Texas and is a tribute to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It's a place where visitors can learn about the history of American military involvement, from World War I all the way to the present day. The museum features exhibits that showcase uniforms, equipment, vehicles, and personal artifacts from various conflicts, providing insight into the experiences of soldiers throughout history.

The Museum highlights a unique collection of military vehicles from various periods and its collection is fully functional.  Each vehicle has been meticulously restored to its original condition so that it both looks and runs just like it did when it first came off the assembly line.  The museum’s insistence on maintaining such a well restored collection comes from its mission of educating future generations.  At the museum’s annual “Living History Weekend” the public is invited to come experience the rumble of tanks, the whine of engines, the shots of small arms fire, and the blasts of tank and artillery cannons with impressive pyrotechnics simulating authentic firing. We also have an amazing collection of original World War II posters. We are very proud to be able to preserve these pieces of our nation’s past! Each poster tells a different story and holds a significant message.

It's a great destination for both history enthusiasts, families and those with a connection to the military. Located in College Station, Texas the museum is part of a vibrant cultural, academic and recreational setting in the city. Come visit us, as well as enjoy all that College Station, TX has to offer.

Hours:  Wednesday – Saturday: 10AM – 5PM and Sunday: 12PM – 5PM
"Group tours by appointment: Wednesday - Friday"

Located: 19124 Highway 6 South College Station, Texas - 979-690-0501