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  • VA Expands Fry Scholarship to Surviving Spouses of Servicemembers Who Died on Active Duty
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced it will begin accepting applications by mail on Monday, November 3, 2014, for the Fry Scholarship under newly expanded eligibility criteria to include surviving spouses. The expanded criteria for the Fry Scholarship is the latest in a series of VA actions to implement provisions of the Veterans Access, Choice […]
  • VA Telehealth Services Served Over 690,000 Veterans In Fiscal Year 2014
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced that its national telehealth programs served more than 690,000 Veterans during fiscal year 2014. That total represents approximately 12 percent of the overall Veteran population enrolled for VA healthcare, and accounted for more than 2 million telehealth visits. Of that number, approximately 55 percent […]
  • VA Processes More than 1.3 Million Veterans' Claims in FY14
    More than 1.3 million Veterans received decisions on their Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation and pension claims in fiscal year (FY) 2014 - the highest number in VA's history, surpassing last year's record-breaking production by more than 150,000 claims.
  • Secretary McDonald Announces VA to Continue Town Hall Events at VA Facilities Nationwide
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald has directed all Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare and benefits facilities to continue to hold quarterly town-hall events to improve communication with, and hear directly from, Veterans nationwide. This follows the recent completion of town-halls at these facilities held between August and the end of September […]
  • VA Sharply Reduces Drug-Resistant Staph Infections in Hospitalized Veterans
    A Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) initiative targeting potentially life-threatening staph infections in hospitalized patients has produced significant positive results, according to recent statistics released by VA. VA's success in substantially reducing rates of health care-associated infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA […]
  • Legion Commander responds to Washington Times article
    American Legion National Commander Mike Helm sent the following letter to the Washington Times in response to its article, "Younger veterans bypass VFW, American Legion for service, fitness groups." To the Editor: In reference to “Younger Veterans Bypass VFW, American Legion for Service, Fitness Groups,” I have to wonder why the growing footprint o […]
  • USAA executive influenced by Legion in his youth
    USAA CEO-elect Stuart Parker on Wednesday shared with members of The American Legion National Executive Committee two meaningful memories from his teen-age years. One was of the American Legion School Award Medal he proudly received when he was in Junior ROTC in Georgia. Another was his participation in The American Legion High School Oratorical Contest and […]
  • 2014 national history contest winners announced
    During her report to the National Executive Committee on Oct. 16, new National Historian Sue Mason of Florida announced the winners of the National Post History Contest and National Department History Contest. Post entries had taken the first award at their department conventions earlier in the year, and department entries had been sent directly to National […]
  • FODPAL meeting mostly hitch-less
    As befits its position on the frontiers of (and for) The American Legion, the FODPAL Fall Meeting on Oct. 15 attempted something never done at one of its meetings before: virtual attendance by at least one member, via Skype, from a far-flung location. Unfortunately, the spirit was willing but the technology was uncooperative. Despite that, the meeting - held […]
  • Helm harkens back to Four Pillars
    During his address to the first session of the Fall NEC Meetings, National Commander Michael Helm began with a reminder that The American Legion is a "God and country" organization, and ended with a challenge to the department officials present to return home and "stoke the fires" of the Legion presence in their communities. In between, H […]
  • VFW Election Day Advice
    The House and Senate overwhelming passed an emergency funding package in late July to help the Department of Veterans Affairs overcome its nationwide crisis in care and confidence. H.R. 3230, the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, was passed in the House by a vote of 420-5, and in the Senate by 91-3. […]
    Darcie Jones
  • VFW Hosts Leadership Summit to Benefit Student Veterans
    The VFW will host the 2014 Student Veterans of America (SVA) Leadership Summit Oct. 2-4 in Kansas City. The VFW’s involvement with the upcoming summit is in keeping with its commitment to ensuring America’s student veterans have the tools and support needed to succeed in their education endeavors.
    Darcie Jones
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More than 12,000 members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its Auxiliaries are rolling into the Show Me State this weekend to elect new leadership and to approve resolutions that will guide the national organization’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill, and its veteran and military support programs across the country. […]
    Randi Law
  • 3 Teachers Selected for National Awards by the VFW
    Each year for the past 15 years, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. (VFW) has recognized three exceptional teachers for their outstanding commitment to teach Americanism and patriotism to their students. […]
    Brendon Killingsworth
    On September 19, we pause to remember the sacrifices of the 83,193 Americans who are still missing or unaccounted for. We remember their families – those whose pain and suffering does not subside with the passage of time. POW/MIA Recognition Day serves to remind us that the true cost of war extends far beyond the last shots being fired. WWII claimed more tha […]
    Randi Law

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Former World War II POWs return to Japan

VA secretary: I’m ‘aggressively’ firing problem employees

Veterans Affairs Executives Slated for Firing Find Way to Retire Instead

At VA, exploring alternative therapies for chronic pain and other ailments

VA legislation gaining ground in Georgia, senator says

Did safety net fail suicidal Marine vet?

Home Depot staff puts skills to work at American Legion

Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery Staff Welcomes Help Reseting Headstones

Brain injury similarities in troops, football players spur collaboration, research

A Benefit For Rural Vets: Getting Health Care Close To Home

On recruiting tour, Veterans Affairs secretary woos medical students

New Mexico VA leaders got bonuses despite complaints

Some Captured Terrorists Talk Willingly And Proudly, Investigators Say

Probe Of Silencers Leads To Web Of Pentagon Secrets

New report outlines national security threats of climate change

Kim Jong Un Reappears Publicly with Cane

Turkey denies it’s agreed to let U.S. use Incirlik air base to strike Islamic State

St. Louis protesters block streets, burn American flags

American Legion boss: Vets have earned federal hiring preference

Taliban adopts Islamic State terror tactics as U.S. troops exit Afghanistan

North Korea: Remains of US soldiers being moved

Military branches say they will continue to open jobs for female troops

VA calls for firing of 4 officials; Phoenix director not on the list

U.S. military faces new kind of threat with Ebola

Dempsey Expresses Concern Kobani Could Fall to ISIL

McCain: ISIS ‘is winning’

Young vets: Trouble in the bedroom

Troops fighting Ebola will earn up to $400 extra per month

House OKs defense funds for Ebola mission

The $1,000 Pill That Could Cripple the VA’s Budget

Scrutiny over latest VA firings likely just the start

Strikes didn’t end threat from Syrian terror cell

Destroying A $30,000 Islamic State Pickup Truck Can Cost US $500,000

Some Good VA News: Agency Processed Record-Setting 1.3M Claims In Fiscal 2014

U.S. Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL in Syria and Iraq

Bergdahl investigation finished

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un apparent no-show at major event

American Legion: Veterans Budget Cuts Could Hurt Miami’s VA Hospital

Legion wants feds to leave veterans preference alone

Is the new VA firing law too weak for true accountability?

No Islamic State fighters coming from Mexico, Homeland Security says

Shielding troops from high interest rates may help DoD

James A. Haley VA director tells employees to answer phones

VA bonuses may be tied to phony records

At Pentagon, Obama urges sequestration deal

Navy to celebrate 239th birthday on Friday

In Kim Jong-Un’s Absence, Rumors About Him Swirl In North Korea

Congressman: ‘At Least 10 ISIS Fighters’ Tried to Cross into US

Obama Meets at Pentagon With Hagel, Military Commanders

Navy to commission missile defense base in Romania

Pentagon sees Baghdad at risk of Islamic State takeover, expects Kobani to fall

Veterans in Fayetteville bristle at VA failures

A place for vets to begin healing

The Oak Ridge Boys become national spokespeople for The American Legion

Up in smoke?

Officials: Allegations of unsafe practices at Fayetteville VA Medical Center surgery department under review

Lejeune vets exposed to toxic water have deadline extended

VA Braces for a New Front in the Agent Orange Battle

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,207

ISIS Marches To A Massacre

Analysis: U.S.-Led Airstrikes Produce Few Gains

Lawmaker questions VA exec’s management of benefit appeals

DOD to set up 7 Ebola testing labs throughout Liberia

Those Four ‘Fired’ VA Officials? Well, There’s Just One Thing…

Chicago-area veterans hospital director to retire

Tables turned on VA watchdog as link between neglect, deaths fails to emerge

VA gets an assist from American Legion

VA begins process of removing Central Alabama VA director after investigation

VA Makes Vet Employment a Factor in Awarding $22.3 Billion Tech Deal

Veteran home-building lawsuit ends in settlement

FBI: Militants may be working on plan to strike US

Slaughter Is Feared As ISIS Nears Turkish Border

DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for Fiscal 2014, Through August 2014

VA Updates Disability Claims Form

Veterans advocacy groups pump millions into midterm elections

Veterans Affairs Department Fires 4 Senior Executives In Response To Scandal

Oak Ridge Boys to Help Veterans

Nebraska native has busy agenda for term as American Legion national commander

Head of Flawed Effort to ID Missing Soldiers Loses Job

Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center staff received training prior to scheduling problems found in audit

American reportedly fighting against the Islamic State in Syria served in the U.S. Army

Paying For Our Wars

Does Military Care Stack Up?

U.S.-Led Airstrikes Disrupt Islamic State, But Extremists Hold Territory

‘Boots in the air’: U.S. helicopters return to combat in Iraq for first time

Despite scrutiny, whistleblowers say problems persist at Phoenix VA

Islamic State withstands bombing campaign, plots Baghdad invasion

Obama: ‘Heaven and earth’ must be moved to help disabled veterans

American Legion demands investigation into conditions at Shreveport VA hospital

Amid threats abroad, Homeland Security chief keeps eye on homegrown terrorism

If Obama Acts Alone on Immigration, House Judiciary Chairman Vows Court Challenge

VA hospital lacks PJ’s, sheets and toothbrushes, yet spends millions on new furniture, TVs and solar

Survey: 65% of vets likely to leave 1st civilian job within 2 years

Wall Between Civilians, Vets Biggest Obstacle to Employment

Erectile Dysfunction Rates in US Military Double Over 10 Years

Nancy Pelosi wants war vote after midterms

Hagel: Military health care system not good enough

Secret Service director abruptly resigns amid security breaches

Bombs slam into Islamic State stronghold on Iraq-Syria border

9,862 Aliens From Terror-Linked States Apprehended in FY13

In effort to end veteran homelessness by 2015, this $270 million doesn’t hurt

Legion to Obama: Pick Up the Phone and Call Mexico

VA CIO: Scheduling System Software Will Be Fielded by 2017, Not 2020

Study finds troops aren’t ready for civilian life

Houston VA worker accused of falsifying claims

VA red tape forcing veteran’s family to live in tent

Some TRICARE Enrollees Won’t Have To Pay Annual Fee Increases

Mabus: Review Of Women Joining SEALs On Track

Marine Expeditionary Force Stands Up in Centcom Region

Another whistleblower in Augusta files VA complaint

America’s disabled veterans get a memorial all their own

Landmark USC Study on Veterans Finds Need for More Help in Transition to Civilian Life

New VA law doesn’t address denials

A Veteran Asks How to Confirm a Certain Medal

‘Substantial’ VA staff will face discipline

Compensation won’t match price paid by VA whistleblowers

Records, Photos of Famed US WWII Bombers Go Online

The Obama-Military Divide

The Unintended Consequence Of Hiring Veterans

Many Missteps In Assessment Of ISIS Threat

Florida mother fights for freedom of Marine jailed in Mexico

Despite US-led airstrikes, Islamic State closing in on Kurdish area of Syria

VA settles with 3 Phoenix whistleblowers

How should military treat those with PTSD who lose control?

Top VA officials steered contracts to firm, investigation finds

U.S. intel disputes Obama claim on Islamic State

U.S., Afghanistan sign security pact to allow American forces to remain in country

Hobbled VA Caregiver Program Dims Chance of Expansion

IG: VA overpays some temporary disability claims

VA Moves to Fire Already-Retired Hospital Director

Cost of air war against Islamic State already near $1 billion as strategy shifts

Boehner: US may need ground troops vs. militants

U.S. Military, Partner Nations Conduct Airstrikes Against ISIL in Iraq and Syria

Navy disbands Landstuhl medical unit as casualties dwindle

About 1,000 people show up for veterans pot giveaway in Colorado

Obama: US misjudged Iraqi army’s ability, militants’ threat

Poll: 70% of troops say no boots on ground in Iraq

U.S. military limits warplanes used for Islamic State bombings



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